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Resinco® Capital Partners is a global investment company which specializes in providing early stage financing to private and public exploration and mining companies in the hard rock minerals, precious metals, rare-earth minerals, oil, gas, water and renewable energy markets.

  • Engage in new, early stage investment opportunities in previously underdeveloped assets

  • Identify underperforming assets and revitalize/re-position to redefine and accelerate enterprise value

  • Obtain significant position in early stage investment opportunities that adequately reflect the risk profile

  • Base all investments on executing superior due diligence; deals must have the ability to satisfy documented investment criteria

  • Develop a portfolio of investments that have blend of short, medium and long term liquidity opportunities

  • Recover initial investment as soon as practical so as to have the ability to re-deploy into future investments; recycle investment funds for multiple deals

  • A significant portion of the portfolio should have a conservative liquidation profile to be able to generate cash

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