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 September 11, 2014
Resinco® Capital Partners Inc. - Debt Settlement - Teslin River Resources Corp.

 Vancouver, BC - Resinco® Capital Partners Inc. ("Resinco") makes the following announcement in accordance with National Instrument 62-103 The Early Warning System and Related Take Over Bids and Insider Reporting Issues.

Resinco advises that it has today filed an early warning report in connection with the issuance by Teslin River Resources Corp. ("Teslin") to Resinco of an aggregate 10,756,643 common shares (the "Shares") of Teslin. The Shares were issued by Teslin pursuant to a previously disclosed debt settlement agreement between Resinco and Teslin whereby Resinco agreed to receive the Shares in settlement of $552,082 of debt owed to it (at the deemed price of $0.05 per share). Resinco now holds a total of 11,592,464 common shares of Teslin, representing 85.63% of the Company's current issued and outstanding share capital (13,537,074 common shares). A copy of the early warning report may be found under Teslin's profile on

Resinco advises it did not act jointly with any other party in acquiring the Shares.

Resinco intends to dispose of the all of the common shares it holds in the capital of the Company as soon as practical; and has today filed an advance notice of intention to sell up to 835,821 common shares held by it.

About Resinco® Capital Partners Inc.

Resinco (Resource Investment Company) is a global investment company that specializes in providing early stage financing to private and public exploration and mining companies in the hard rock minerals, precious metals, rare-earth minerals, oil, gas, water and renewable energy markets.

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